Experts in Mixing Technology

STC - Experts in Mixing Technology

Company profile

STC-Engineering GmbH is active worldwide in the fields of design, development, manufacturing, service and the maintenance of customised process equipment, particularly in the area of mixing technology.

In 1995 STC was founded as engineering company for Service Trading Consulting servicing the field of process machines. Technology consultation and the development of special solutions for those machines led to the costumers demand also to get directly the hardware from STC.

For that reason STC-Engineering GmbH was founded in addition to the engineering company in 1999. Since then the STC-Engineering GmbH supplies components and complete systems/modules for different process machines from lab scale on.

An extensive network of sales and co-operation partners has made STC a well-known enterprise in many parts of the world. The territorial emphasis for STC lies besides Europe on China, Russia, India and South East Asia. To offer attractive prices to the customers and to assure a fast and reliable service, the equipment is preferably manufactured in the country of installation.

For selected technologies licenses for manufacturing of equipment is already awarded to customers even outside of Europe.

beheizbarer Wendel für Lebensmittelindustrie / heating helical ribbon for food industry
Hygienisierer zur Biogasherstellung / Hygienizator for biogas production
Hastelloy Rührmaschine für die Pharmaindustrie / Hastelloy agitator for the pharmacy
Segmentwendelrührer zum homogenisieren von Holzfaserbrei / segment helical ribbon for homogenising of wood fibre slurry
Koaxialrührmaschine für Lebensmittelindustrie / coaxial agitator for foods
Rührwerk für Produktion von Schleif- und Poliermittel / Agitator for produktion of grinding and polishing pastes