CMA – Compact Magnetic Agitator

The agitator serie CMA - Compact Magnetic Agitator – is design with an additional magnetic coupling as a static sealing system. There are no mechanical connection between drive and agitator system, but the coupling acts as a "force-fitted" connection. That why in case of mechanical blokage or load peaks there are no loads at the drive. This agitator type is particularly suitable for applications with harzadous area zone 0 (product side) or high toxic products. If there is a failure of the dynamic seal (single acting mechanical seal), there are still additional static seals which prevent reliably a breakthrough of harmful products to the atmosphere.

Drive types

Main dimensions

TypeØWØDJHmounting flange min

Operating conditions

Operating pressure max.:p = 200 bar g
Operating temperature max.:T = 350 °C with cooling flange
Torque max.:Mt = 3000 Nm